Workers’ Compensation

When you’re injured on the job, we want you to be focused on healing so you can return to your normal activities and work. Getting the best quality healthcare shouldn’t be difficult or something you should worry about after a work injury. Our comprehensive workers’ comp services are designed to get you back on your feet, obtaining maximum medical improvement (MMI) as quickly and safely as possible.

Work-related injuries may be caused by repetitive motion or by acute trauma, such as a fall or other accident. We offer comprehensive diagnostics, treatments, and prevention education for a wide range of injuries, no matter the cause. Dr. Jones employs advanced diagnostic tools, including on-site X-ray imaging, to develop your customized treatment plan, which may include epidural steroid injections, a physical therapy referral, or spine surgery.

Our practice includes a dedicated workers’ comp liaison who is here to help you navigate the often confusing process of obtaining care and coverage through workers’ comp insurance. She can be reached at (205) 949-1800 or via email.

Do you have a work-related injury or condition disrupting your life? Request an appointment online with board-certified orthopedic spine specialist Dr. Martin P. Jones or call our Birmingham, Alabama office today at (205) 949-1800.

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