Spine Injuries

Spinal injuries can be quite disruptive to your life, and the delicate structures of the spine can be difficult to treat. The care you need to repair the spine and alleviate pain requires a level of expertise above and beyond that of a typical orthopedic doctor; you need a spine specialist with years of experience. In Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. Martin Jones offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment methods for back and neck injuries, from simple to complex.

A high percentage of spine injuries are caused by trauma, as in automobile accidents or work injuries such as falls on the job. Physical activity, especially playing sports, can lead to injury and acute or chronic back pain. A sports medicine expert, Dr. Jones treats spine injuries in competitive and amateur athletes, including high school athletes and weekend warriors.

Practicing at Neurological Surgery Associates in Birmingham, Dr. Jones provides on-site diagnostic X-ray imaging and reviews test results with you while giving a detailed explanation of your condition. He provides compassionate, patient-centered care, ensuring you understand all of your treatment options, from epidural steroid injections to neck or back surgery. If you require cervical or lumbar spine surgery, minimally invasive procedures allow you to recover faster so you can return to work, play, and overall healthy living feeling your best.

Because the whole nervous system is connected to the spinal cord, spine injuries can affect not only the back but the limbs as well. Nerve pain that radiates down the arms or legs can make everyday tasks nearly impossible.

Do you suffer daily from chronic neck or back pain? Dr. Jones’s cervical and lumbar spine expertise can bring you long-lasting relief. Call (205) 949-1800 or request an appointment online today.

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